• The client needed a solution for Business continuity and disaster recovery. A single source and unified process which could help recover and manage any disaster.
  • The customer needed a solution for disaster recovery from its data centers which host critical business and customer data. The solution for BCP plan across business functions and for the entire enterprise.
  • The customer had thousands of vendors, third party’s, consultants having access to critical data.
  • The customer’s team was using email, excel, and word for BCP.
  • With the manual process, the small team found difficult to update and ensure all the plans were in place.



  • ComplyScore GRC Enterprise was configured and rolled out across the enterprise.
  • The solution automated and made the entire Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery process online, moving away from manual.
  • Any issue, disaster could be notified online at the business function or enterprise level.
  • The solution also helped check and ensure the BC and DR plans were updated.


  • Automation transformed the complete BC and DR process, like automated notifications when the plans are due the customer was able to have up-to-date BC and DR plans.
  • There was a significant reduction in TCO and efforts.
  • The solution helped manage the complete BC and DR life cycle.
  • The small BCP team was able to stay up to date with the BCP and DR and was able to ensure 100% resilience.
  • The solution helped the customer during the audits and reporting.
  • The solution helped map the BC and DR plans with the enterprise policies and regulations.

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