Lower Your Risk with a Proactive Conflict of Interest Stance

Conflict of interest (COI) process complexity and lack of transparency lead to cultures that lack appropriate ethical boundaries and trust. The significant consequences of a COI failure, particularly in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and life sciences, make COI compliance critically important.

ComplyScore’s COI solution allows you to take control of your COI process, with an efficient and structured approach that manages operations end-to-end:

  • Automate declaration collection, review, monitoring, reporting, and more
  • Streamline workflows and boost efficiency
  • Improve transparency with automatic declaration scheduling and tracking
  • Gain actionable insights into risk, with data that reveals COI risk patterns
  • Single-pane dashboard and charts integrate COI functions into a unified view
  • Support for complex hierarchies enables mapping processes to your reporting structure
Lower Your Risk With A proactive Conflict Of Interest Stance

Accomplish More with Less

ComplyScore’s COI solution makes managing declarations more efficient, less complex, and less costly in time and resources. You now only need a small team to manage thousands of COI surveys, share critical data, analyze insights, and perform review and reporting duties.


Audit-ready reporting ensures you don’t need to direct additional resources into the auditing process. You have everything needed for review, investigation, and resolution in one place, which means you have added freedom to focus on your core business mission.

Accomplish More With Less

See the Bigger Picture

A holistic, integrated approach is the right approach for optimal COI process efficiency. ComplyScore allows you to gain unparalleled visibility into your COI declaration collection, review, monitoring, reporting, and resolution operations.

Enterprises are getting more value from their COI management investment, thanks to ComplyScore. Let’s begin a conversation about how you can, too.

See The Bigger Picture

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