Manage Contract Approvals, Extensions, Expiration & Renewals

Our third-party vendor risk management software gives your enterprise a comprehensive analysis of each vendor’s digital footprint, so you have the data needed to build a better assessment. ComplyScore’s CyberScore software is one of the most user-friendly, affordable vendor risk management solutions available for streamlining and automating contract management.

Manage Contract Approvals


CyberScore is an efficient and affordable solution to help you manage the entire contract lifecycle. Use versatile risk ratings to:


View vendor risk insights with minimal overhead


Verify vendor-supplied assessments


Prioritize your assessments based on scoring


Monitor vendor risk in real-time, on an ongoing basis

CyberScore Highlights

Assessment Summary

Multiple Controls, One Score

  • Evaluate 44 controls including Surface Attach Area, DNS Health, Network Security, and other areas that contribute to risk
  • Review previous instances of malware or bots originating from the network
  • Generate a collated score that provides a precise indication of risk
Assessment Summary

Scheduled Or On-Demand Reviews

  • Based on the vendor’s inherent risk, conduct continuous or periodic assessments: daily, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually
  • On-demand reviews can be conducted when needed


Receive alerts when vendor profiles undergo significant change


Configure ComplyScore to automatically coordinate with vendors to mitigate risks

Scale Effortlessly

Remove resource drain on your team by scaling your vendor assessments to your entire vendor base

Blended Solution

Curate the optimal mix of automated tools and analyst oversight

Individual Vendor Risk Reports

Drill down to specific controls: IP Reputation, DNS Health, Vendor Network Security, and more

Fully Customizable

Highlight, monitor, track, and share the data you want: the most relevant information is always at your team’s fingertips

Single-Pane Dashboard

All controls are centralized within a single, easy-to-use platform that simplifies your contract management function

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