• A high volume of vendors with access to critical financial and PCI data
  • The assessment was done in-house by a small team
  • Resulted in a lot of vendor risk assessments backlogs and delays
  • The process carried out was an online spreadsheet-based with communications over email



  • ComplyScore transformed the spreadsheet-based process into a complete online risk assessment, management, and monitoring
  • Deployed ComplyScore Enterprise customized to the unique and complex needs. Linked Vendor risks to Enterprise risk policies
  • ComplyScore also provided outcomes priced Managed services end-to-end



  • The solution provided automation and transformation of the Vendor risk management process
  • Reduced the TCO to more than 50%
  • Increased the client’s resource availability and reduced the vendor risk assessment backlog
  • Increased Vendor compliance and reduced overall third party risk posture

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