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A Vendor Management System: Why Your Organization Needs One


Do you know which of your vendors may be putting your organization at risk? ComplyScore’s vendor management system is tailored to your business’ specific needs. It ensures vendor compliance with regulatory and organizational requirements while reducing costs and minimizing system complexity. The software rates your vendor’s security against predefined criteria that can be monitored and adjusted over time.


Scale your assessment program by converting to 100% online solution.

Eliminate overheads by sending targeted questionnaires.

Implement 3 lines of risk management strategy.

Empower business users by enabling them to request products or services.

Platform features

Profile-based targeted assessments

Profile-based targeted assessments

Profile-based targeted vendor assessments are triggered based on the response to pre-assessment like nature of business, access to data and type of data, product or services provided and so on.


If you have a SaaS solution hosting PHI, PCI data deployed on AWS, then ComplyScore will automatically include questions for PHI, PCI compliance and AWS best practices.

Any standards and frameworks

ComplyScore Vendor Risk Assessment solution supports any standards – NIST, HITRUST, SIG frameworks – and questionnaires.
Online communications by ComplyScore

Online communications

A simple and user-friendly UI for all the communications and clarifications within groups, departments and vendors for clarifications, document review and mitigation tasks. Increased collaboration, transparency with complete audit trail.

Fully Audited

All interactions with the vendors happen online through the solution and are fully documented.


Reduce administrative overheads on clarifications, upload of correct documents, submission of mitigation tasks and clarifications around it and other multiple interactions.
Rich analytics and powerful dashboards

Rich analytics and powerful dashboards

Rich analytics, powerful dashboards and reporting capabilities to analyze risks as per the business units, products and services, vendor tiers and geographies.