Comprehensively Assess Third-Party Risk

Gain a complete and actionable understanding of your vendor risk environment, with our risk-based TPRM questionnaire solution. ComplyScore empowers your organization with the data needed to make better, more confident risk decisions.

  • Engage our centralized, automated tool to understand service provider-sourced risks, across all your business units and operations.
  • Reduce your organizational risk by evaluating risks, compensating controls, the effectiveness of controls, and whether remediation is required.
  • Risk assessment questionnaires are fully customizable to match your TPRM program maturity and precise risk needs.
Comprehensively Assess Third-Party Risk

Why Risk Assessment Questionnaires?

  • You share significant data or processes with third-parties and need greater transparency into potential risks.
  • Your current TPRM program is overburdened and you want to boost scale without investing more in resources or costs.
  • You require protection against recent vendor-level risk incidents, security failures, or lack of transparency.
  • You require enhanced risk assessment services for your own compliance, reporting, or auditing requirements.
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Gain Enhanced Visibility into Your Vendor Risk Environment

ComplyScore goes beyond the simple answers provided by industry-standard questionnaires, to ensure you have relevant and actionable data. Our Risk Assessment Questionnaire solution is can be adjusted to precisely match your reporting requirements. Our platform allows you to gather information specific to your needs. With accurate data in hand, your team and stakeholders can prioritize risk operations and apply remediation where it’s needed most.

Identify Vendors & Prioritize Remediations

Vendor risks that are not understood or identified can quickly become your risks. Our Risk Assessment Questionnaire solution helps protect your organization by assessing third-parties for potential risks that can damage your business, including:

Lost Operations

Lost Operations

Vendor financial issues that cascade into disrupted operations for your organization can result in lost customers, market share, or market confidence.

Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages

A vendor financial-related failure that affects your customers can result in fees, sanctions, and/or costly punitive damages.


Reputational Damages

Third-party financial issues carry risk that you will suffer diminished status with customers and reduced ability to compete in your market.

Customized Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Customized Risk Assessment Questionnaires

High-performing organizations trust ComplyScore for best-in-class TPRM solutions. We can help you get better performance and more value from your vendor risk management program.

Identify vendor-based risks at scale

Proactive, risk-based solution

Comprehensive, customized questionnaires

Derive added TPRM value

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