PCI Compliance for TPRM

PCI DSS data security standard for cardholder data has strict requirements, and undergoes semi-regular enhancements and updating. ComplyScore partners with enterprises to successfully implement and manage an automated PCI compliance solution that ensures a fully integrated, centralized, and effective TPRM workflow.

  • Automated qualification assessment tools allow you to easily and quickly gather required details from vendors; our solution scores third-parties to help you understand where your risk is.
  • Agreements, contracts, and supporting data are centralized in a single application that provides optimal process transparency and efficiency.
  • Customized assessments include a built-in workflow that helps push the process toward a successful conclusion; instead of managing complex details, your team is free to focus on mission-critical operations.
PCI Compliance for TPRM

Why PCI Compliance for Vendors?

  • You have third-party relationships with vendors that process credit card transactions or handle customer data.
  • You are bringing your enterprise up to industry best practices for data and information security.
  • The vendor has experienced a data breach, security incident, or information security performance discrepancies.
  • You require enhanced risk assessment services for your own compliance, reporting, or auditing requirements.
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Gain Additional Value from Your TPRM Program

ComplyScore adds a lot to your TPRM program, including vendor vulnerability and risk analysis, enterprise-wide monitoring and tracking, simplified sharing, quality or service assurance, compliance management, and much more. Trust ComplyScore to help you gain the most performance and value from your third-party relationships.

Protect Your Organization Against Vendor Risk

ComplyScore’s PCI compliance solution makes it easier to meet PCI DSS guidelines, with a lower cost and reduced burden on your team. This is the smart way manage a comprehensive TPRM program.

Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment

Assess risks within an existing, new, or proposed vendor relationship and review contractual assignment, determine current or planned controls, and confirm that applicable requirements are met.

Continuous Management

Continuous Management

Implement a program to monitor third-parties’ compliance status on an ongoing basis; program goals include managing day-to-day performance, managing incidents, and communicating with stakeholders.

Periodic Evaluation

Periodic Evaluation

Reevaluate risk relationships on a scheduled basis, as well as when any incidents occur, and make necessary program adjustments quickly.

PCI Compliance Solution

PCI Compliance Solution

ComplyScore can help you assess, manage, and report vendor compliance with PCI DSS. Let our team be your ultimate security and compliance resource for cyber risk.

Proactive, risk-based solutions

PCI risk assessment and remediation

Make better security decisions

Ultimate TPRM performance and value

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