Implement a Proactive, Risk-Focused Approach

Gain a full understanding of how your vendors collect, store, process, and transfer personal health information (PHI) sourced from your information systems, and implement a proactive solution for maintaining compliance.

  • Automate business associates agreement (BAA) sharing, signing, storing, and management, for improved accuracy, tracking, and performance.
  • Implement a customized third-party HIPAA security program, with administrative policies and security controls precisely tuned to your needs.
  • Maintain vendor compliance with HIPAA security standards, with continuous real-time monitoring that allows issues to be identified and resolved before they become violations.

ComplyScore's Benefits

  • Monitor and manage controls in real-time, and respond to issues automatically or using manual tools.
  • Receive alerts when issues occur, along with automated mitigation or guidance for manual resolution.
  • Policy templates allow you to easily and quickly translate your policies and practices into compliance solutions.
  • Reporting, analysis, and auditing are easy when you have all the data you need at your fingertips, accessible from a single dashboard.
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Successfully Manage HIPAA Compliance Challenges

The current HIPAA regulatory text was published in 2013 and requires all healthcare providers, organizations, and business associates to implement comprehensive and structured data privacy and security specifications for PHI. It’s not just about your policies and procedures being compliant: if your vendors and third-parties are not compliant, your organization could be liable for subsequent penalties, damages, and judgments.

ComplyScore understands your compliance needs, identifies risks, and continuously responds to protect you.

Streamlined Compliance Is Better Compliance

ComplyScore makes it easier for your team to build and manage your vendor HIPAA compliance security program.

Create Security Policies

Create Security Policies

Once ComplyScore understands your compliance needs, it can precisely build and manage appropriate controls.

Expert Management

Expert Management

If your enterprise is challenged with resource or expertise bottlenecks, ComplyScore can successfully manage third-party compliance while you focus on your mission-critical operations.


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Automate Your Third-Party HIPAA Compliance

Automate Your Third-Party HIPAA Compliance

ComplyScore gives you an advantage by integrating policies and procedures into a single, easy-to-manage vendor compliance platform.

Real-Time Compliance

Continuous monitoring allows for real-time insights and always-on compliance, for a more efficient and robust compliance posture.

Continuous Risk Governance

Understand your risk stance with notifications of added services or configurations, risk alerts of emerging vulnerabilities, and best practices guidance.

Rapid Remediation

Intuitive dashboard allows for automated and manual remediation, and direct integration into your additional SEIM solutions.

Simplified Reporting & Analysis

24/7 real-time monitoring collects the data needed for efficient reporting, deep analysis, and simplified auditing.

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