Incorporate Sustainability Within Your TPRM Framework

Sustainability Assessment solutions from ComplyScore provide your organization with insights, continuous monitoring, and remediation recommendations for third-party risks relating to sustainability.

  • Review and rank vendors for potential risks pertaining to environmental responsibility, human resources and safety, community engagement, social issues, and more.
  • Respond faster, more effectively, and more consistently to vendor sustainability risks, and demonstrate corporate responsibility and market leadership.
  • Map sustainability risks to relevant enterprise risks – market, reputational, operational, etc. – for easier and more effective risk management.
Incorporate Sustainability

Why Conduct a Vendor Sustainability Risk Assessment?

  • You share significant data or processes with third-parties and need greater transparency into potential risks.
  • A new or proposed vendor relationship requires an initial assessment.
  • The vendor has experienced sustainability-related challenges.
  • You require enhanced risk assessment services for your own compliance, reporting, or auditing requirements.
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Be a Risk Management Leader

With ComplyScore, everything your organization needs to know about its stance relative to vendor sustainability risk is at your fingertips. A single-pane dashboard supports optimal visibility and simplifies your reporting function. ComplyScore removes the compliance burden from your team and ensures your TPRM process is more effective, accurate, and repeatable.

Avoid Costly Vendor Sustainability Failures

It’s impossible to do business in today’s market without the support of third-parties and vendors, however their sustainability issues can be a risk vector for your organization. ComplyScore helps you avoid common vendor-based sustainability risk scenarios, including:

Lost Operations

Lost Operations

Vendors that have their operations disrupted by sustainability issues can result in service disruptions for your company.

Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages

Fees and sanctions related to sustainability issues can affect a vendor’s ability to meet your service needs and their contractual obligations.


Reputational Damages

A third-party sustainability issue creates risk that your organization will be associated with their environmental, worker or customer safety, or social responsibility failure.

Proven Vendor Sustainability

Proven Vendor Sustainability Assessment Solutions

ComplyScore is a preferred choice for TPRM services, including sustainability risk assessments. We can ensure your TPRM program provides the reach and performance needed.

Proactive, risk-based solutions

Simple, customized sustainability assessments

Understand your vendor-based sustainability risks

Derive added TPRM value

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