Proactive Vendor Onsite Audit Solutions

Third-party onsite audits are essential for gaining an understanding of risks that derive from a vendor’s operations, policies, and personnel. Partner with ComplyScore to implement a proactive, agile, and effective solution for third-party onsite audits and assessments:

  • Kickstart your TPRM program by validating and demonstrating vendor compliance with relevant regulations and compliance standards.
  • Understand vendor risks and implement a responsive mitigation plan that meets the requirements of your overall risk profile.
  • Gain a direct view of your vendor’s policies, procedures, and controls for data management and information security.
Proactive Vendor Onsite Audit Solutions

Why Onsite Audits?

  • Technology, policy, or resource bottlenecks limit other information sharing methods.
  • This is a new third-party relationship, with a vendor that will be receiving or processing data.
  • The third-party has experienced a data breach, security incident, or information security performance discrepancies.
  • Firsthand assurance of risk mitigation activities or compliance functions is necessary for your own compliance, reporting, or auditing requirements.
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Focus on Your Core Business Mission

Many enterprises don’t have the time, in-house resources, or expertise to successfully manage vendor onsite audits. ComplyScore is a trusted partner for the full range of TPRM functions. We have best-in-class expertise at delivering efficient and effective onsite auditing solutions, so your team can focus on your mission-critical operations.

Third-Party Compliance Failures Are Your Compliance Failures

You can suffer a variety of unfortunate consequences based on a vendor’s compliance failures, including:

Operational Damages

Operational Damages

A vendor security failure can disrupt your operations and destroy your ability to deliver products and services.


Reputational Damages

A data breach or security incident can reflect on your organization and impact customer confidence and market trust.


Financial Damages

Your organization may lose income, be liable for fines, or subject to judgments that can cripple profitability and threaten business viability.

Years of Experience, Proven Solutions

Years of Experience, Proven Solutions

ComplyScore’s proven onsite audits and assessments solutions are ideally designed to improve your TPRM program.

Proactive, risk-based solutions
Simpler, customizable auditing
Understand your vendor security landscape
Derive added TPRM value

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