Recognize & Respond to Financially Distressed Vendors

Third-party financial risk assessments are an essential element in a proactive, risk-based TPRM solution. ComplyScore can provide you the capabilities necessary to understand potential vendor-sourced financial risk, alongside insights to make better risk decisions.

  • Automated applications evaluate operational, financial, and qualitative metrics at the vendor level, using a deeply intelligent and comprehensive approach.
  • Precise scoring and rankings reveal troubled third-parties and unhealthy trends that diminish your risk stance.
  • Single-pane dashboard and intuitive reporting reduce process complexity and position your team to make more informed and impactful risk decisions.
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Why Financial Assessment Solutions?

  • You share significant data or processes with third-parties and need greater transparency into potential risks.
  • Distressed supply chain risks within complex or deteriorating markets are a TPRM focus for your organization.
  • Recent lack of financial transparency, financial policy changes, or financial reporting discrepancies demonstrate potential risk at your vendor level.
  • You require enhanced risk assessment services for your own compliance, reporting, or auditing requirements.
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Extend Your TPRM Program to Encompass Financial Risks

This is a critical time for enterprises in all industries: financial stresses are affecting companies everywhere and risk mitigation plans developed in better times are proving insufficient to the challenge. Organizations are subject to the risks posed by the financial health of immediate third-parties and vendors. ComplyScore’s Financial Assessment solution can help you manage uncertainty from deteriorating market positions and implement new ways to manage pervasive risk at the vendor level.

Identify Distressed Vendors & Avoid Serious Risk Issues

Your organization can be put at risk by financial stresses that affect your vendors. ComplyScore’s Financial Assessment solutions protect you by identifying third-parties that are experiencing financial distress that could result in severe consequences, including:

Lost Operations

Lost Operations

Vendor financial issues that cascade into disrupted operations for your organization can result in lost customers, market share, or market confidence.

Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages

A vendor financial-related failure that affects your customers can result in fees, sanctions, and/or costly punitive damages.


Reputational Damages

Third-party financial issues carry risk that you will suffer diminished status with customers and reduced ability to compete in your market.

Proven Financial Assessment

Proven Financial Assessment Solutions

Organizations trust ComplyScore for vendor financial assessment services. Our team can unlock ultimate performance and value from your TPRM program.

Identify vendor-based financial risks at scale

Proactive, risk-based solution

Comprehensive, customized assessments

Derive added TPRM value

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