Compliance Assessment as a Springboard for Greater TPRM Value

Third-party compliance risk assessments are the linchpin of making TPRM a function that drives value, rather than simply adds costs. There’s no getting around the need for managing risks at the vendor level, so why not transform that need into an opportunity?

  • Compliance assessment that understands your organization, specific sector, and unique compliance needs.
  • Single-pane dashboard allows easy management and reduces complexity, robust reporting features streamline follow-on processes and allow you to do more with your data.
  • Deep insights support improved vendor selection, due diligence, contract review, onboarding and offboarding, and much more.
Compliance Assessment as a Springerboard for Greater TPRM Value

Why Compliance Assessment Solutions?

  • You share significant data or processes with third-parties and need greater transparency into potential risks.
  • This is a new or proposed vendor relationship that requires an initial assessment.
  • The vendor has experienced a data breach, security incident, or information security performance discrepancies.
  • You require enhanced risk assessment services for your own compliance, reporting, or auditing requirements.
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Make Compliance a Focus of Your TPRM Program

Improving risk awareness and time-to-action response requires understanding your risk exposure. ComplyScore’s Compliance Assessment solution provides transparency into compliance at the vendor level: we provide an understanding of how third-parties affect your risk stance. With ComplyScore, you can apply timely response processes to meet increased and emerging risks resulting from your third-party relationships.

Don't Let Vendors Be a Weak Link in Your Compliance Performance

Vendor compliance failures can become your compliance failures, in the eyes not only of customers but of regulators. ComplyScore can help you avoid costly third-party risk scenarios, including:

Lost Operations

Lost Operations

Vendor disruptions that cascade into disrupted operations for your organization can result in lost customers, market share, or market confidence.

Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages

A vendor data breach or security incident that affects your customers can result in fees, sanctions, and/or costly punitive damages.


Reputational Damages

A third-party failure creates risk that you will suffer diminished status with customers, and reduced ability to compete in your market.

Best-In-Class Compliance Assessment

Best-in-Class Compliance Assessment Solutions

ComplyScore is a preferred choice for services for third-party compliance assessments. We can boost the reach, effectiveness, and value of your TPRM program.

Proactive, risk-based solutions

Simple, customized assessments

Understand your vendor-based compliance risks

Derive added TPRM value

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