Analyzes the vendor’s digital footprint to provide cyber risk score. The scoring is provided by industry’s leading solution provider – RiskRecon.

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Third Party Vendor Risk Assessment Software by Complyscore

Vendor Risk Management Software by ComplyScore: The Best in Analyzing a Vendor’s Digital Footprint

Our third-party vendor risk management software gives your enterprise a comprehensive analysis of a vendor’s digital footprint so you can build a better assessment of the vendor. ComplyScore’s CyberScore software is one of the most user-friendly, affordable vendor risk management solutions available for accurately analyzing a vendor’s digital footprint.


CyberScore is an affordable solution for analyzing the Vendors digital foot print. This versatile risk rating can be used in multiple ways.

Vendor Risk Insight

View vendor risk insight with minimal overhead.

Verify Assessments

Verify the assessments provided by the vendor

Prioritize your assessments

Prioritize your assessments based on the score

Monitor vendor risk

Monitor vendor risk on an on-going basis

CyberScore Highlights

Multiple controls – One score

  • Evaluates 44 controls including surface attach area, DNS Health, Network Security and other areas that contribute to risk
  • It also looks at previous instances of malware or bots originating from the network
  • The end result is a collated score that gives precise indication of risk
Periodic Assessments

Frequent reviews or on-demand

Based on the inherent risk of the vendor, conduct continuous or periodic assessments. Assessments can be done daily, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Or get Vendor CyberScore’s on-demand as and when needed.


Receive alerts when significant changes happen to vendor profile.


Even better, have ComplyScore co-ordinate with the vendor to mitigate these risks.

Scale Effortlessly

Ensure no additional burden on your staff for scaling your vendor assessments to the entire vendor base.

Blended Solution

Curated by optimal mix of automated tools and analyst oversight.

Blended Solution

Individual vendor risk report

Drill down to specific controls like IP-reputation, DNS health, network security of vendor.

Frequent review

Based on the inherent risk of the vendor, conduct continuous or periodic assessments. Assessments can be daily, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Control and manage the third-party eco-system risk score

Get a holistic view of all the vendors risk, point them to specific risk issues and help mitigate. Be proactive and make data and insights driven business discussions and decisions with vendors. Get an overall healthy third-party risk posture.

Individual vendor risk report