Compliance Management

ComplyScore’s Compliance Management Solution provides organizations with a clear, concise view of updates from different regulatory bodies.
By presenting an organization with only the relevant updates and by enabling tracking and documentation for the entire ‘impact analysis’ process, this solution helps companies streamline compliance reporting and link them to the relevant Policies and Procedures.


Enterprise Risk Management

ComplyScore’s Enterprise Risk Management solution helps organizations implement a robust risk management program. Implemented across 65 countries, the solution allows engagement of the stakeholders across the three lines of defense to monitor risk and execute remediation.
Features such as Configurable Enterprise Hierarchy, Customized Risk Assessment Questionnaires, Customized Risk Calculation Methodologies, Guidance on Risk Factors, Robust Reporting, Dashboards, and Fully Flexible Workflows, make it an ideal solution.
Existing risk registers for information security, compliance and operational risks, out-of-the-box roles, workflows, and risk models enable ComplyScore’s ERM solution to be implemented in a very short time.


ComplyScore BCP is not just a software but a holistic BCP solution that enables organizations to have a systematic process and approach for efficient business continuity and effective disaster recovery.
The solution helps right from analyzing business continuity risk, to developing responsive strategies and plans, executing the strategies, to conducting audits and control reviews. The solution also invokes transparency and enables collaboration across departments and functions across the enterprise.

Periodic Assessments


Conflict of interest management is a critical piece of any compliance program, especially in regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and life sciences. ComplyScore’s COI solution is used by multiple organizations to manage their entire process around conflict management.


  • Support for complex hierarchy enables organizations to map the process to the reporting structure
  • Context-sensitive questionnaires enable drill-down only when required.
  • Automated task creation allows users to focus only on the areas of potential conflicts.
  • Dashboard, charts, and ad-hoc reporting enable on-demand analysis.


These and multiple other features enable a small team to manage thousands of COI surveys efficiently.

Policies & Procedure Management

Policies and procedures are the DNA of an organization and are critical for meeting compliance, standards, and accreditations requirements. As the number of policies and procedures expands to meet the ever-increasing needs of internal and external regulations, these seemingly simple tasks become complicated.
ComplyScore’s Policy Management solution is the key enabler of regulatory compliance, standards, and quality initiatives. Its ease of use, simplicity, and flexibility make it easily adoptable across the entire enterprise.

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