Streamlined Third-Party Legal Assessment Solutions

Third-party legal risk assessments are an essential element in a proactive, risk-based TPRM solution. ComplyScore can provide you the capabilities necessary to understand potential vendor-sourced legal risk, alongside insights to make better risk decisions.

  • Intelligent legal risk assessment applications simplify the evaluation process and make your TPRM program more agile and capable.
  • Understand vendor legal risks and build a more responsive mitigation plan that quickly resolves risk issues.
  • Single-pane dashboard allows easy management and reduces the workload on your team, so they can focus on mission-critical operations.
Streamlined Third-Party

Why Legal Assessment Solutions?

  • You share significant data or processes with third-parties and need greater transparency into potential risks.
  • This is a new or proposed vendor relationship that requires an initial assessment.
  • The vendor has experienced a data breach, security incident, or information security performance discrepancies.
  • You require enhanced risk assessment services for your own compliance, reporting, or auditing requirements.
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Expand the Reach of Your TPRM Program

Many enterprises struggle with common bottlenecks when it comes to their TPRM program: they don’t have enough time, in-house resources, and/or expertise to successfully support capable performance. ComplyScore understands your challenges: we are a trusted partner for TPRM program management, including legal assessments. Our unrivaled expertise and innovative solutions boost TPRM success, while reducing the burden on your team.

Vendor Failures Affect You

When a third-party partner suffers a failure in compliance or a disruption in operations, you could be vulnerable to risks and damages, including:

Lost Operations

Lost Operations

Vendor disruptions that cascade into disrupted operations for your organization can result in lost customers, market share, or market confidence.

Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages

A vendor data breach or security incident that affects your customers can result in fees, sanctions, and/or costly punitive damages.


Reputational Damages

A third-party failure creates risk that you will suffer diminished status with customers, and reduced ability to compete in your market.

Proven Legal Assessment Solutions

Proven Legal Assessment Solutions

ComplyScore is a preferred choice for services for third-party legal assessments. We can boost the reach and effectiveness of your TPRM program.

Proactive, risk-based solutions

Simple, customized assessments

Understand your vendor-based legal risks

Derive added TPRM value

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